Love Pattern Quiz

When a friend sets you up on a blind date, which of the following best describes you prior to the date:

When you think back to a breakup where your partner ended the relationship, which of the following best describes your reaction:

Your ideal soul mate is someone who:

If you were in a relationship where things had not been going well for some time, would you be most likely to:

Which description below comes closest to the way you’d like your soulmate to describe you to his friends?

Your friend calls you at the last minute to invite you on a double date with her boyfriend’s cute roommate, but you have a big work deadline, do you:

Most of the men you meet are:

When you look at your past relationships, what statement below most closely reflects your negative experiences?

Most of the men I’ve dated have found my career success too threatening

When a partner has done something to upset you, do you:

If you were in a relationship with your soulmate, and he told you he was going to have dinner with an old ex-girlfriend who was visiting town, would you:

If you thought your partner was lying to you, would you:

Have you ever had a partner who had a habit or trait you wanted to change?

It’s your Soulmate’s birthday and you want to surprise him with a special gift. You are most likely to:

The most important trait you are looking for in your soulmate is:

If you went on a date with someone who you liked, but you could tell was not “marriage material” right now, would you:

When you think about why you have not yet met your soulmate, you know it’s because: